BCR-ABL Molecular Diagnostic Testing

BCR-ABL Molecular Diagnostic Testing

1copy™ BCR-ABL qPCR Kit contains reagents for in vitro diagnostics, which uses real-time PCR to quantitatively measure BCR-ABL1 fusion (b3a2, b2a2, e1a2, e19a2) mRNA in total RNA collected from the whole blood of a patient diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukemia. Because 1copy™ BCR-ABL qPCR Kit can detect various target mRNAs in a single step, it is very quick and convenient to use.


1copy™ BCR-ABL qPCR Kit shows a high level of sensitivity with a complete molecular response (CMR) of more than 0.00323% IS.

1copy BCR-ABL qPCR kit can detect Major type (p210 : e14a2, e13a2), Minor type (p190 : e1a2), Micro type (p230 : e19a2) of patient's genotype in a single test.