Environmental Policy

The scope of the company is to continuously develop its capabilities and to continuously improve its organizational structure, in order to establish itself as an organization that achieves a competitive advantage, fully covering the demands of its customers for performance, reliability, safety, cost and quality, as well as recognized clinical standards, while creating a safe, functional and enjoyable workplace with respect for people and the environment.

Our procedures aim at educating and motivating our staff towards the company’s quality and environmental goals for:

  • Environmental Protection.
  • Identification, assessment and control of environmental impact arising from the company’s activities.
  • Minimization and rational management of waste generated and increase of materials to be recycled vs. those available for disposal.

The company’s ultimate goal is to continuously improve the level of service provided by operating under controlled conditions, ensuring continuity and consistency in operation while minimizing our environmental footprint.

The management is committed to implementing quality and environmental policy.