Diagnostic Labs

We have more than 30 years experience in designing, equipping, maintaining and managing our customers’ clinical laboratories, so we have decided to set up our own lab, to contribute to supplying high quality health services to our community.

We established at Gerakas a modern diagnostic lab, with high efficiency mechanical, analytical and electronic equipment, to cover the ever increasing requirement for better quality testing, fast results and lower cost over the whole spectrum of lab testing.


As producers of diagnostics and medical software we have all necessary resources, highly trained personnel, equipment, reagents, software and workflow improvement tools at low cost, thus offering the ideal combination of quality and prices.

We perform hematology, clinical chemistry, immunochemistry and molecular testing; keeping a high level of quality through a rigorous Quality System that is verified by external quality assessment schemes.

We plan to export our lab business. We are open for international cooperation towards the goal of installing a chain of labs in many countries that would operate directly with us for low-cost provision of technology and materials, ensuring competitiveness under all circumstances.

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